Following Christmas and the holidays, February is a good month to declutter

Need a little nudge to get going? Here’s our 5 tips below..

TIP 1: Decide what you want to declutter
Is it a particular room in your home, the pantry or a cupboard? Make a list of what needs organising.

TIP 2: Plan your day
Clear the calendar, this is go time!

Set realistic goals and what you want to achieve out of the


 TIP 3: Set the scene with music
Music helps our mood and increase productivity. Whether it’s soulful jazz humming in the background or pop to put a perk in your step!

TIP 4: Take note from Marie Kondo ‘does it spark joy?’
Time to sort items into three piles:

TIP 5: Storage solutions
A great way to help staying organized is choosing the right storage for your items.

Browse our great storage solutions from our home décor range of woven baskets and trays, perfect for the lounge area or bedroom or walk robes.

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Sofa & Soul Team