Embracing Nature: Our Sustainable Story in Upholstery

Palettes inspired by nature bring a sense of tranquility and harmony into our homes. When it comes to choosing fabrics for upholstery furniture, organic cottons, linens and hemp have become our preferred choice at Sofa and Soul. Their breathability, texture, and eco-friendly production processes make them an ideal option. In this Soul Story, we delve into the world of sustainable upholstery, with a particular focus on loose slipcover sofas and the importance of selecting the right fabrics for them.

Embracing Relaxed Elegance: Loose Slipcover Sofas

Loose slipcover sofas exude a casual and laid-back charm, offering a cozy and inviting space for relaxation. To achieve the perfect drape and fit, it is essential to choose fabrics with some weight, like our Linen Blend. This enables the fabric to gracefully fall and sit on the upholstered frame, creating a relaxed and comfortable ambience.


Cleaning Care and Convenience: Fabric Washing Guidelines

Maintaining the cleanliness of your upholstery is essential for its longevity and aesthetics. When sourcing Our Sustainable Fabrics we were mindful of choosing fabrics that are suitable for gentle machine washing or dry cleaning. Fabrics designed for this purpose often possess specific compositions and pre-shrinkage qualities, ensuring that they can withstand the washing process without compromising their integrity.


Perfectly Imperfect: Removable Loose Slips Covers

One of the key features of our sustainable upholstery range is the functionality and sustainability of removable loose slip covers. These covers offer the convenience of easy cleaning and the flexibility to change the look of your furniture whenever desired. It’s amazing what changing the cover can do to refresh your space and mood. With Molmic Feather Comfort Wrap or Molmic Feather Blend seating, the process of swapping covers is made easier as feathers are a flexible softer seating solution, allowing you

to plump and refresh your space with minimal effort.


A Commitment to the Environment OR Built with the Planet in mind

At Sofa and Soul, we prioritize the well-being of the world’s environment and aim to contribute positively to its preservation. Our Sustainable Story encompasses various initiatives and considerations. By working with fabrics like hemp, an environmentally friendly material that requires less water and energy to produce, has absolutely no chemical sprays during its growing cycle and is sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable we minimize our ecological footprint. Additionally, we extend the lifespan of our locally made sofas by offering our range of sustainable washable or dry-clean-friendly upholstery fabrics and the option to purchase a second cover. Every aspect of our sustainable approach is thoughtfully designed to reduce our impact on the environment.



Designs with Environmental Consciousness

Our Sustainable Story features a range of timeless designs, including Loose Slip Covers and Fully Upholstered options, all crafted locally in Melbourne. Each design showcases key environmental and design attributes. From the use of sustainable fabrics to thoughtful manufacturing processes, we ensure that our products align with our commitment to a greener future.




By incorporating nature-inspired palettes and consciously choosing organic cottons, hemp and linens, we can infuse our living spaces with a sense of harmony and sustainability. Our sustainable upholstery range, with its loose cover sofas and eco-friendly fabric choices, allows us to embrace relaxed elegance while minimizing our impact on the environment. Explore our designs and join us in creating a sustainable story for your home that reflects your values and love for the planet. Together, let’s make a difference,

one sofa at a time.

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