When Kiwi Wifey + Mum of 3, Sarah Pickersgill Brown packed up her Melbourne family home and moved overseas to New Zealand we had hoped her timeless favourite pieces would travel along…

It’s such a surreal feeling seeing this lounge filled with the furniture that was selected for a different home in a different country, but now set up here?! I had a few people ask if I’d recommend paying the absorbent costs involved with shipping a household of furniture overseas vs selling and rebuying? I’d recommend shipping items every single time. It was such an emotional thing to leave Australia after 15 years where we had created so many memories and built an entire life. Now having these familiar things around us again is such a comfort. Special pieces like our IMG Space 5300 Power Recliner from @sofaandsoul is one of my favourite things in this room. It was the only chair I could sit on and feed Elbie when I first bought him home from the hospital because the episiotomy had become infected.. (cue the most excruciating pain everrr!) This is such a comfortable and timeless piece, so happy we have it here to continue to love for many more years to come. 

Timeless favourite pieces can travel with you forever, they keep the soul warm and comfortable. We love that Sarah has taken a piece of us with her to New Zealand, and we know when you’re up at all or any time of the night with your precious cherub it’s comforting to know you can cosy up on your favourite chair and recline. Just add a snuggly throw and you can get some well-deserved rest too.


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