Spring in the sitting room at Maddy’s family home with a few new updates including a new plant and lighter sofa slip cover.

Maddy tells us her Four Tips to Freshen Your Living Room for Spring!


Update your sofa covers and textiles!

We have had our sofa from Sofa and soul for three now and we love it!! The style is ‘The Holiday’. And I recently upgraded the slip cover with sofa and  souls new sustainable fabric range.  I chose a linen cotton blend in the colour Rice paper. Although many people maybe shocked at the thought of having a white sofa with two little ones, I am here to tell you, we have had a white sofa for the toddler years and it is fine! My biggest suggestion, like we have, is to invest in good quality, that stands the test of time and wears well. Our slip covers from sofa and soul are washable and very easy to remove and put back on. So if you have been considering a light coloured sofa, I say got for it, and take it with a pinch of salt that it might get a little dirt on it if you have kids. Nothing your washing machine can’t remove! I use Thieves for our laundry soap, and make a diy stain remover. You can read more about that on this post.

I chose a slightly lighter colour for our new slip cover for Spring and Summer, knowing that this rice paper colour really elevates the space and natural light that pours in here most afternoons making it feel very fresh. I also know that a white back drop maximises the versatility of cushion swapping and the colour combinations that can be used throughout the season! The linen blend cover is soft to touch with a subtle texture, drapes well and doesn’t get too creased but has a laid-back feeling about it. We love the subtle change.

Let’s dive in talk more about the sustainable range…This matters! As you know we strive for an intentional home with as least possible toxins as we can. This new sustainable range is environmentally friendly, it uses less water and energy to produce which means less impact on the land and It is also 100% chlorine and bleach free!!

When it comes to choosing the right slip cover for your existing sofa, make sure to get samples! I chose 4 different samples and lay them on the sofa for a few days to compare with the different lights from morning to night. It also means that you can walk around the room seeing if the colour works with your exisiting rug, curtains or any ‘hero’ element like art work that you have in your living room. Ensuring the colour you choose feels cohesive with your living room.  View the Sustainable fabric range here, this is our three seat sofa which is incredibly comfy and fits a family of four on it perfectly!

Shop your home and style

Learn the simple art and skill of shopping your home this season and you will apply it for years to come! Trust me. Simply walk around your home, collecting books, throws and cushions that reflect and evoke SPRING! Much like choosing a new sofa slip cover pick a thread that will work cohesively with the ‘hero’ elements in the room. Could be green, blue, yellow…

Combine a cushion combination of textured with smooth, patterned with print and florals or stripes with plain. The helps your selection to feel balanced and interesting! Style the coffee table books, or magazines that reflect spring! Pop those cosy autumn inspired front covers at the bottom of the pile and leave the fresh summer beach homes ontop. Switch out the heavy throws for lightweight and colours that feel fresh! I love dark green and oatmeal linen throws draped on the arm of the sofa for a touch of cosiness in the evenings.

Add Nature

Grab yourself some fresh foliage on your walk and pop them into a vase or treat yourself to some pretty colourful flowers as a centrepiece for your coffee table. Go the extra mile and add a few indoor plants! I recently added a Scheffleara indoor plant for the corner of the living room which is suited for indoor light, low maintenance and creates a holiday Spring feeling for the space.

Nothing speaks louder for spring than bringing nature indoors.

Declutter, clean and organise

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home’s cleanliness but also its organisation. Declutter your living room by removing items that no longer serve a purpose or don’t fit the season’s vibe. Simplify your decor to create a more open and inviting space. Check out this post for Spring cleaning and organising tips and a step by step guide.

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